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Discover Boating has been working with a fleet of social media influencers this summer to encourage more people to go boating. The program, which has reached millions of followers, has focused on targeting millennials through a partnership with 40+ influencers to create and share content (i.e., blog posts, imagery, videos, etc.) that entices their followers to experience the boating lifestyle first-hand with help from Discover Boating. Specifically, the team has forged partnerships with high-impact Instagram influencers including: Jennifer Worman (334K followers), Amber Faust (216K followers), Amber Torrealba (107K followers),  Andrew Muse (93K followers), and Joe Thomas (89K followers).

While the program continues throughout the summer, to-date nearly 700 posts (from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, videos and blogs), have sparked 77K+ engagements (likes, comments, shares) and reached an audience of almost 4MM individuals. Jersey Jersey Throwback Throwback Jersey Wentz Throwback Wentz Throwback Throwback Jersey Wentz Wentz Wentz

Below is a sampling of the influencers’ engaging boating content from on-water locations across the country such as Hilton Head, New England, Chicago, Long Beach Island, Southern California, Memphis and many more:

Social Media Posts

Blog Posts


 Stay tuned for more updates, social posts and program results.