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The Everything Sink Kitchen The Shortcut to Land a Remote Job

Hi, I’m Rodolphe, founder of Remotive.

Dropping your commute, spending more time with your family, relocating… What’s not to love?

But how do you get there? How do you land a remote job? How can you become a productive remote worker?

One way is by reading, and Remotive is devoted to helping you through the process of self-education through our content.

But there’s another important, sometimes unappreciated component: shortening the path to landing a job by connecting to other like-minded people.

You must learn from those who have already achieved the goals you’re setting for yourself. If you don’t, you’ll probably be wasting a lot of time and effort.

The Everything Sink Kitchen We’ve made that journey easier for you with the Remotive Slack Community.

Lifetime access for only $99

A one-off payment, no recurring charges

  • Get feedback from 1,200+ remote professionals
  • Lifetime access to our community
  • Discover exclusive content

Members share exclusive remote jobs within the community. You can also reach out DIRECTLY to the decision maker for feedback or networking.

The Everything Sink Kitchen Once you’re a member, you’ll get access to a community of smart, driven people on a dedicated slack community. Our channels are open for discussing finding jobs, productivity, nomading, DIY, parenting and other topics of interest.

It’s a community of like-minded people just like you. This is your opportunity to share links, discuss topics, and bounce ideas off The Everything Sink Kitchen of some of the smartest remote workers on the planet.

In our community, you get personalized feedback. Fellow members will give constructive feedback on your CV and Cover Letter. We also run a job search channel, where we share our journeys.

The Everything Sink Kitchen

Members of the Slack Community have access to exclusive content that’s not available freely on Remotive. This private trove contains ideas designed to help you make better decisions and take advantage of opportunities where others can’t.

  • The Remotive YouTube MBA list — A curated (and constantly growing) library of videos accessible only to members. Our goal is to make this library unique, valuable, and ever-expanding. We are regularly adding content to the library and you’ll have access to everything, past and future.
  • Exclusive interviews — We’ve had great guests and have more planned; that means a lot of wonderful knowledge sits in our archives. Our members find that having that knowledge accessible is extremely valuable for re-visiting and note-taking.
  • Direct access to amazing people — Private networking opportunities with remote workers, executives, and entrepreneurs. We maintain an updated list of current members with what they do!
  • Discounted access to Remotive courses on landing a remote job: Remotive Bootcamp. We’ll also be discounting access to some of our future planned courses.

Members include remote teams CEOs, NASA engineers (!) and HR specialists. You'll also meet developers, product managers, customer support/success representative, salespeople... The common denominator is a love of remote work and self-improvement.

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Here is what we believe in:

Our goal is to have a constantly growing, constantly improving experience for all members of the Remotive Slack Community. By doing so, we’re creating a group that truly makes better decisions and thinks more creatively.

With our pairing tool Donut, we pair up volunteers willing to meet like-minded people.

Meet Walters. He joined Remotive Slack Community in 2016 and still connects daily. Here’s what he has to say about us:

Well I have to say I am very glad I joined. You guys bring up some very interesting stuff, mind expanding.. Thanks Remotive people for being who you are.


So, why should you pay and join Remotive Slack Community? Because I want you to be the next person to share the following message with us. Remotive Slack Community is the online community we always wish we had.

Kickstart your remote job search today!

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