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Discord Asked What Features Users Wanted - And Boy, Did They Deliver

Uncategorized Jersey Elite Jersey Jersey Antonio Elite Antonio Brown Brown Brown Antonio Apr 25, 2019

Discord recently posted on Twitter asking users for feature suggestions. Unsurprisingly, the thread is full of jokes and memes, but there are some genuine ideas presented here. We'll be discussing some of the legitimate ideas. And then of course highlighting the funniest joke suggestions!


Best Serious Answers

@meganerd2012 suggested better mobile support. While they don't go into much detail about what this means, it would be nice to see more features in the mobile app. It is already pretty similar to the desktop app, but lacks a bit of functionality.

Jersey Elite Jersey Jersey Antonio Elite Antonio Brown Brown Brown Antonio This is sort of a funny...

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Discord's Store Updates Look Great for Game Devs

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2019

Jersey Elite Jersey Jersey Antonio Elite Antonio Brown Brown Brown Antonio Discord's game store caused quite the buzz when it came out in the latter half of 2018. The app for gamers to communicate was now trying to be an app for gamers to purchase their games from! The company solidified a reputation of favoring developers by offering the best revenue split of any game store - a 90/10 split, in which Discord only gets 10% of each sale.

The game store has since been updated and will receive plenty more in the future. These recent updates highlight the dedication Discord has to game devs of all sizes, and offers some great community features.

Jersey Elite Jersey Jersey Antonio Elite Antonio Brown Brown Brown Antonio Firstly, Discord implemented the Server Discovery feature. This is a list of verified official servers for games, and makes joining those communities easier. This is great for the game developers because it increases the visibility of their communities, and Discord is a great place to directly interact with fans. It's also fantastic for users. You can view the servers without actually joining them. And it also makes it...

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What is Discord HypeSquad?Jerseys Wholesale Nfl Cheap Youth Broncos Shipping Miller Free Von Women's Jersey Authentic

Discord’s HypeSquad is their street team of super fans that go around representing and telling people about Discord. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the perks and duties of the HypeSquad, so you can decide whether it’s something you want to be involved with.

Jersey Elite Jersey Jersey Antonio Elite Antonio Brown Brown Brown Antonio To start with, you’ll fill out an application that will determine your level of hype. It will take up to 48 hours to be reviewed. Then you’ll receive some swag based on how hyped you are, which takes 1-2 weeks to ship once the order is in. Then, you share your swag with the world! You’ll receive a special badge for your Discord profile, access to a secret server, a monthly secret newsletter, squad challenges, a HypeSquad t-shirt, and a box of Discord swag for when you run your own events, which will arrive 4-5 weeks before your event date.

There are a few requirements to being a HypeSquad member. To be part of the Online program, you only have to be old enough to use Discord, which is...

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Should Your Discord Server Use Partnerships?

discord growth Mar 05, 2019

Whether you’re using Discord, or another community platform, there is value in partnering up with others. If you’re a YouTuber joining a network, a business working with another compatible company, or a Discord server partnering up to grow its membership, you will probably find some level of success with a partnership. But there are a few things to consider before jumping into one. Continue reading to see the advantages and disadvantages of partnering.Price Bet Antonio Loses Pay Roethlisberger The To Ben And Has Brown

Partnerships can help you grow your server. Theoretically, both servers in the partnership will advertise each other in their communities, and encourage each other’s members to get involved. This is all well and good, but is not very valuable on its own. A lot of the time, these servers will use an @everyone message to advertise, which can be annoying to existing server members. They may just silence notifications or leave the server if the messages are too frequent. If you do partner up, there is more than just...

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Is Discord Safe?

discord security Mar 05, 2019

Whether you’re a parent who is concerned about the sites your kids are visiting, or you’re an adult who wants to keep their personal conversations personal, you may be asking if Discord is safe to use. The short answer is a resounding yes, but it depends a lot on how you behave on the platform and what settings you use. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to make your experience with Discord as safe as possible.

Discord requires users to be at least 13 years of age to sign up. Whether someone is younger than 13 and lies about it, or they’re teenagers, it’s important for parents to understand what their child is doing online. Discord theoretically allows conversations with anyone else in the app, under an online pseudonym. However, the only ways this can happen is if someone knows your username and unique ID number or if you’re in a community server together. Discord is a bit more like Facebook than Twitter or Reddit. While those sites are wide open...

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How Does Discord Make Money? (2019)

discord irl Mar 05, 2019

In 2018, we made a video all about how Discord, a free chat service, makes money. But already, in under a year, that video is out of date! In this blog, we’re going to cover how Discord makes money in 2019.

To start, in 2016 Discord promised that they would never run ads on their website or app. Most websites and free services, including social media sites, use advertising as a primary form of revenue. This would be the easy way out, but it is a big relief that Discord does not want to run ads and clutter up the user experience.They have also stated that they are not in the business of selling user data. Despite their terms of service being a bit unclear about user data, and people quoting “if you’re not paying for it, you’re the product”, there is no actual evidence that Discord is selling user data to third parties, and Discord themselves have made it clear they do not want to do that. Because data privacy is such a big deal, we don’t blame you...

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Discord vs the Competition

Jersey Elite Jersey Jersey Antonio Elite Antonio Brown Brown Brown Antonio When you’re looking for a service to chat with your friends or coworkers through, there are an overwhelming number of options. And they all come with their own pros and cons. The best option often varies wildly depending on your team’s specific needs. In this video, we’ll be comparing our favorite platform, Discord, against some of its biggest competitors. But, even though we like Discord a lot, this video aims to be fair to the other platforms and offer an honest review.


Arguably the closest competitor in terms of group communications, Slack is a powerhouse of professional chat services. And that’s one of the legs up it has on Discord. Businesses like Slack for a variety of reasons, but Discord being associated with gaming doesn’t help it in this case. But being designed for gamers comes with its own advantage though. Slack offers text chat and video chat (although group video chat is only available in the paid version of Slack), but Discord...

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Announcing Our New Mastering Discord Course!

Discord is a great place to grow a community. With servers both based on niche topics and broad fanbases, there is room for anyone to create a thriving online community. But it’s not always easy. It’s one thing to create a server and invite a few friends, but it’s a totally different challenge to grow it to having hundreds or thousands of active members who rally around common interests.

We are officially announcing the sequel to our Discord Basics course, called Mastering Discord -  Manage and Grow Your Server. This course offers a lot of value beyond just learning how Discord functions. This course will dive deep into not only how to construct a secure and engaging server, but also how to use social media, advertising, and existing audiences to grow your community into something great.

This course will cost $25, but for a limited time we are offering it for just $15, to thank our earliest adopters. Using what you learn in this course, you’ll be able to...

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Announcing Our Discord Basics Course!

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Click here to take the course!

We at Discover Discord are happy to announce our first course about Discord! We’re starting with the basics, for brand new users of the app. Our free Discord basics course will only take about 30 minutes total, and it aims to teach all about how to get set up, join your first server, and start talking to people. Learn the right settings and tools to have the best experience possible. Everything is more enjoyable when you feel like you can understand it, and this course will give you that knowledge.

Jersey Elite Jersey Jersey Antonio Elite Antonio Brown Brown Brown Antonio If you’re a server manager, this course is for you too! While you may already be an expert at Discord, you probably don’t love answering questions about how Discord works, from new members. Instead, you can link to this free course in your welcome channel, offering your new members a way to instantly be introduced to how Discord works. A lot of people may download Discord just because a friend told them to join your server. While Discord...

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discord irl Dec 10, 2018
Operator Events Chick-fil-a - Photos Website

By the most recent report, Discord had around 90 million users at the end of 2017. They have become a major player in the group communications field, especially within gaming and other special interests. But the company was not always so successful. For all of those who have wanted to know where Discord came from and how they got so big, you can find out here!

Before Discord

Discord wasn't the first stab at a successful business that current CEO Jason Citron had. His first notable business was Aurora Feint, the company behind OpenFeint. OpenFeint was a social platform for mobile gaming, and was named after a game developed by the company. The platform was first released in 2009, and at one point in 2010, there were 900 applications in the App Store that used it. In 2011, Japanese company GREE, Inc. purchased the company, but soon OpenFeint was plagued by lawsuits. While the lawsuits were dismissed eventually, GREE discontinued the service and decided to use their own similar...

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